Spaghetti Warehouse Auction in Downtown Tulsa: News Coverage

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — If you’re interested in antiques, interesting art, kitchen equipment or other random items, this one’s for you.

Just about everything in the downtown Tulsa Spaghetti Warehouse location, which suddenly closed its doors March 26, is being auctioned off. Wood carvings, statues, food novelties, art pieces, extravagantly carved gnomes — they’re all on the table, and they all start at $1 with no reserves.

“Equipment, tables, chairs, pretty much everything a restaurant has in it, we have here for auction,” said Brian Goforth, the last general manager of the restaurant.

All of the items are posted on RestaurantEquipment.Bid, and the auction includes some pretty unique items.

“This is a unique opportunity to take a piece of the historic Brady Arts District home, whether it is the antique furniture, back of the house equipment, or the distinctive décor pieces,” said Neal Sherman, president of RestaurantEquipment.Bid.

“For a restaurant owner in town to come and get a really good price on stuff that they want to buy new, I think it’s a really good opportunity for everybody in town,” said Goforth.

The auction runs through May 9. Good luck!

Featured Items:

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