Yale University Selected TAGeX Brands

Yale Hospitality “knows” about selling surplus, generating return, and being green!

Yale University received a generous donation from a proud alumnus. Without incurring a huge amount of cost, Yale Hospitality with the support of TAGeX Brands, developed a program to sell and remove the surplus equipment from Woolsley Hall (soon to be the Schwarzman Center), now that the building is being prepped for a new renovation.

Yale University selected TAGeX Brands because the firm could achieve three goals: removal of all Equipment from the Facility to prepare for a major renovation; generate a return on the sale of surplus furniture, fixtures and etc. for Yale Hospitality; and provide a route that is green friendly and sustainability conscious.

Our program exceeded even the highest of expectations:

1) All items sold

2) Total Return

3) Environmentally Responsible: No Use for a Landfill

Below are some before and after photos taken from the location:

Below: Marketing Piece from Yale News

Pictured Below, Former Woolsley Hall:

Below: Map of where Woolsley Hall is located:

Below: Before Pictures

Below: After Pictures