Evansville Barbecue Restaurant to Close for Good

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Once considered by many as Evansville’s “go to” barbecue establishment, the owners of Shyler’s have announced the restaurant will close for good.

In 1991, Shyler’s opened near the corner of Green River Road and Lincoln Avenue.

It remained there until 2012, when a fire broke out, leaving it closed — and its future uncertain.

Over the next few years, there were reports of several attempts to get the restaurant back up and running, but money issues kept pushing dates back.

That all changed on March 7, 2016 when Shyler’s re-opened, filling the space left behind when Fox & Hound shut down on E. Indiana Street.

This is the full statement posted on Wednesday from the restaurant’s Facebook page:

“It comes with great disappointment that Shylers BBQ will be closing after this weekend. Sunday will be the last day. If you want a taste of Shylers you have just four days left to get it. We want to thank our customers for their patronage. We want to think our staff for their service. Over the last few years there has been a multitude of new restaurants pop up throughout the city. More are coming. The pie is split to many ways. It is difficult to succeed in this business. We look forward to servicing you over the last few days. Hope to see you all enjoy some great food over the weekend. Thank you!!”

The Facebook post mentions that the last day of operation will be this Sunday.

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