Closed Restaurant Boiler Nine Auctions Industrial-Chic Furniture


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After Boiler Nine Bar + Grill closed in February, everything is for sale in massive Seaholm restaurant at 800 West Cesar Chavez Street. Items in the auction, conducted by, start at one dollar and have no reserve, so there may be an opportunity for good deals.


As the restaurant is liquidating, there is a lot of stuff up for grabs, from restaurant equipment to furniture. While everyday consumers will likely be less excited about the vertical rotisserie oven or the myriad work tables, there is a lot of furniture like dining tables, patio sets, chairs, and shelves that could be appealing.


The auction will run for a week, ending on Thursday, April 18 at 9 a.m. Buyers are responsible for moving their purchases out of the four-story restaurant themselves.


Boiler Nine was owned by La Corsha Hospitality Group, which runs Second Bar and Kitchen, Mattie’s, and the forthcoming East Austin Hotel. Boiler Nine opened in 2016 under chef Jason Stude (who is now the chef for the whole group) and closed suddenly on February 23.