Surplus Liquidation & Facility Services

Our services help our clients navigate facility and equipment chaos. We call it "Headache Relief", and it is composed of nearly every action involved in managing facilities & equipment in any industry.

Facility Closures

Complete and swift headache relief when exiting a retail, warehouse, or storage facility.


We coordinate all actions to methodically extract furniture, fixtures, smallwares and equipment from locations to redeploy or liquidate.


From single projects at one location to multiple actions in a national program, we take care of you. 

Total Closure Program

The Total Closure Program includes location assessment, removal of equipment, detailed inventory management, redeployment of equipment and equipment liquidation. 

Equipment Liquidation

Handling all logistics, pricing, sale, collection, marketing and shipment of all items and remitting proceeds to clients. Equipment can be sold from location or moved to one of our regional facilities and sold from there. 

We can also move equipment from closed locations to operating ones for a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. 

Clean Sweep Program

Often used by operators with multiple locations, The Clean Sweep Program relieves companies of surplus items that build up over time. We coordinate all actions to document, remove, and liquidate ANY ITEMS to generate a return. 

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