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Top 5 things you could buy from this now-closed TGI Fridays

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Hey, I’d like the inside of my house to look more like a TGI Fridays,” this is your moment.

Aug 10, 2017, 2:31pm

By Drew Jackson The News and Observer

The contents of the TGI Fridays on Erwin Road are being sold through an online salethrough Aug. 15 at 10 a.m. Everything, sold through RestaurantEquipment.Bid, is for sale but the studs.

There are 135 items altogether, each with a starting bid of $1 and no reserve. Most will appeal only to those in the restaurant industry, unless some home cooks want to try a touch screen to keep track of their scrambled eggs.

There’s a lot of stainless steel kitchen equipment, pots and pans, racks, freezers, burners and the like, but also a handful of the kitsch the national chain uses to give its restaurants homespun appeal.

Here are a few of the items that caught our eye:

A canoe: A polished wooden canoe hung from the restaurant’s ceiling, either in long-term storage or as decor. It is long and narrow, though it’s unclear if oars are included. But take heed before you launch your new canoe out onto the open waters. The description of the item warns it may not be seafaring, saying the canoe is “decorative only – might not be functional.” Look for the Classic Wooden Racing Shell.

A Wolf Gas Cheese melter: To question the necessity of an appliance that exists just to melt cheese is to doubt the very role innovation plays in our lives. Cheese is often better in an ooey, goey state, or browned, bubbling and crisp, and there is a machine that offers that, and only that.

All the stuff on the walls: Walk blindfolded into a TGI Fridays and you’ll immediately know where you are once you can see. The restaurants are known for their walls of stuff, collections of memorabilia of pop culture to examine and admire over dinner. Everything on the walls comes as one lot, an all-or-nothing proposition. Up for grabs is a large mounted marlin, traffic signs, a small surfboard, photos of Muhammad Ali and Sammy Davis Jr., an “E.T.” movie poster and dozens of other odds and ends.

Flat screen TVs: The sale has five flat screen televisions of unknown brand or age. Wall mount included.

A tomato tamer: Tomato season is waning in the Triangle, but this is another innovationreplacing the simple knife and cutting board. Imagine, with one swipe a tomato is cut into sever perfect even slices.

A recent look at the online sale shows the most popular items are a set of patio furniture, the televisions and some of the equipment. The stuff on the wall is at $50. And that boat? It’s at $55 with five bids.