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TAGeX Brands in the News

Cowen Conference interview of TAGeX President Neal Sherman regarding Restaurant Overcapacity.

Questions Our Video Looks to Address:


    ■ Talk about the level of restaurant closures in 2017 vs 2016. What do you attribute to driving any change in cadence?


    ■ Do you get the sense the industry will see a greater level of closures in 2018 vs 2017?


    ■ Do you think as consumers use delivery services at a more rapid clip, this creates less of a need for seating and we               could see an acceleration in closures?


    ■ We’ve obviously seen a rapid number of closures across retailers, how do you think restaurants can avoid following             the  same fate?


    ■ What factors do you think make for concepts with the most enduring store growth?


    ■ How can you tell if an up and coming concept’s store growth is stretching internal capabilities too thin?