Elected officials can’t revive Hacienda Hills restaurant

When the restaurants at Hacienda Hills, Chula Vista and El Santiago opened many years ago, they were good business decisions by the operators of those restaurants. At that time, there was a lack of good restaurants in the area. Over the years, the competition in the area has increased to the point that all three of these restaurants have gone out of business.

If a businessman believed a renovated restaurant at Hacienda Hills was a good business opportunity compared to other restaurant opportunities in the area, he would be campaigning to make it happen.  Stating that our elected officials should somehow provide a good and economically attractive restaurant at Hacienda Hills, is a waste of time.

What is needed from our elected officials is a good plan for keeping other country club restaurants from failing. The major problem at Hacienda Hills was the decline in the quality of the food, entertainment, and service; that cause a death spiral. What plans do our elected officials and the developer have for ensuring a quality customer experience at the country club restaurants?

One thing that the Developer could do to address the trend of country club restaurants failing is to use the (2.5 percent of gross sales) money collected to renovate the older facilities.