ESPN Zone exits Anaheim, California to make room for a new Hotel Complex.

On June 2, 2018, ESPN Zone closed its doors for the last time. ESPN Zone in Anaheim, California will be demolished as the land it occupies will become part of a large new hotel complex. ESPN Zone with the support of TAGeX Brands has made a swift exit out of their location. TAGeX Brands liquidated their surplus equipment, both restaurant and arcade equipment and placed it on our auction website, All items began at $1, participating bidders competitively picked the price for the items they wanted. 


Featured in OC Register:


TAGeX Brands and reached outstanding numbers both in liquidating the equipment and growth for our Auction Company. 


Below are some pictures of the surplus equipment that was sold on our auction website: 


Interested in Bidding or have equipment to get rid of? Check out our websites, fill out your information and we can help you!


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