Facility Closure Services

TAGeX works with Clients to coordinate all actions required in the field to provide end-to-end management of a Closure Program. Whether one location or an entire chain, our methodical approach to a Closure ensures swift, professional and comprehensive results.  Some of the stages are outlined below.

DeImage & Clean Location


TAGeX takes great pride in the way it completes a field project.  Often times when locations are closed, the mess that is left creates or even amplifies conflict with a Landlord or Property Manager. 


We offer complete Clear Out Services and collaborate with Clients to deal with everything from De-imaging to Trash Removal, as well as the disposition of any surplus Food or Alcohol. 

Loadout by TAGeX


We take great pride in handling with your Assets as if they were our own.

Our team sent in to oversee the equipment removal and Loading of Trucks from the Locations are experienced and proven.

The shipping companies we secure are ones with national coverage and a complete array of equipment to manage the removal project. 

We monitor all steps until it reaches our facility

Equipment Documentation & Management


Clients (or the TAGeX team) gather Equipment data including Make, Model Serial Number, Dimensions,  Condition and 20 other data points.

We include photographs and enter data via our proprietary TAGeX Mobile Application


Our Clients possess a complete audited understanding of what assets are on site and tie it to Asset Ledgers and Financial Statements. 

Equipment Shipment


Whether traveling across town or across the country, TAGeX handles all aspects of freight.


We bring a Client's inventory to one of our core Facilities in either Dallas, Texas or Upstate New York. 


Depending on Client need, we are also able to secure Regional and Local Facilities to meet specific needs.


Once it arrives, we document and care for until either a redeployment or sale occurs.  

Equipment Disconnect and Staging


Our national team of Project Managers and Technicians help to methodically and professionally manage the staging of all equipment.

Often when a location is closed, there is a rough "demo" (or Demolition) of the property. 

Care is given to all assets so that they can be used in other locations by the same client or sold in the aftermarket 

Redeploy &/or Liquidate


Once the dust has settled from the closure and there is some time to evaluate next steps, we work with clients to document all equipment.


The outcome of the inventory either is to hold for a Client's future redeployment and reuse or to Liquidate on one of our "After-Marketplaces"


Items a Client wants redeployed, TAGeX will coordiante all actions to send to select locations as requested.

We also manage the Liquidation.

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