KFC is Sending a Chicken Sandwich to Space


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If your company was thinking about trying to earn some publicity in the restaurant industry this month, you might want to let the dust settle on KFC’s new project to send a chicken sandwich to space via a giant weather balloon. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to stand out in today’s media landscape, there are now space-bound sandwiches to compete with. 

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On the website made to announce the event, www.yesweareactuallysendingachickensandwichto.space, KFC stated, “On April 24, we will launch the world-famous Zinger chicken sandwich here in America. And shortly after that, we will launch the world-famous Zinger chicken sandwich into space. And for a limited time, you can launch the world-famous Zinger chicken sandwich into your mouth in a $5 fill up at KFC”


The sandwich is scheduled to launch on June 21 and the adventure will be broadcast on KFC’s social media platforms.


We know what you’re thinking: “A chicken sandwich in space? Now THAT’S news worthy.” We completely agree. It had been a while since the restaurant industry gave the press something worth talking about. People were just starting to get over the time Chipotle gave everyone diarreah, and now, instead of utilizing corporations’ extravagant wealth to feed people in impoverished nations, Western civilization has determined that sending a slab of fried chicken 80,000 feet in the sky is quite worthy of our attention.


Sending things into space is old news, though. You may recall that Redbull sent Felix Baumgartner into space in 2012 to become the first person to ever skydive from the stratosphere. While sending a chicken sandwich to space is significantly less impressive, something about this concept is a hundred times funnier, supporting the idea that truly-impressive feats are held in equal regard to dumb ideas with a the same budget.


Let’s just hope this isn’t the month that aliens choose to visit us, because this would be hard to explain.

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