Liquidation Services

Rather than paying to remove or dispose of surplus equipment, inventory and assets from your facility and store it, TAGeX Brands can sell from site or remove your items to one of our regional facilities and generate a return.

We customize actions as needed

Generate Return


TAGeX Brands is the only company to offer comprehensive facility and liquidation services nationally.

Our Network of Project Leaders and Technicians give 100% US Coverage. 

One call for national results.

Too often, items sit idle in a warehouse facility until their value diminishes completely.


Firms often pay to dispose of surplus assets and inventory.

We find a green solution while
providing a return for you.

Reduce Waste

TAGeX Liquidation Program

TAGeX deploys Eight Sales Channels to help clients sell off surplus equipment and assets to maximize return in the fastest and most productive way.  Thousands of items each month follow this path.

Surplus Headaches


You have surplus to sell. Whether you have one location or several; one item or hundreds; we can liquidate the contents of any restaurant, storage facility or warehouse location.

Handle All Marketing & Sales


After receiving the data, we develop a marketing plan and launch the items on our multitude of sales channels to maximize your return.

Remove Surplus


If it is sold from site, we can manage the surplus removal from either a sale or if needed all surplus can be removed and shipped to one of our warehouses.

Schedule A Pick Up Time


We arrange a time at your convenience for winning bidders to pick up their items.

Document Inventory


Our easy-to-use, proprietary mobile app gives step by step instructions on how to document your surplus for liquidation, or a TAGeX field member can handle the project for you.

Get Paid


We cut you a check for the proceeds.

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