Albany, NY Restaurant Liquidation

In 1797, Albany was designated as New York’s formal capital. Albany has been a hub for banking, railroads, and international trade. Since then, along with Schenectady and Troy, restaurants, hotel, retail, and banking industries are all booming in New York.

After many years of improvement and enhancement just to be at the top of the industry, many excess and dormant equipment, inventory, and other assets may be taking up space in your facilities, costing you money. 

TAGeX Brands will assist you with liquidating parts or whole contents of your company, whether you have one or numerous locations. We’ve been offering tailored liquidation services for over 30 years. So, there is nothing we can’t accomplish together.

Industries Served

We Assist with Surplus Problems

TAGeX Brands has experienced the ups and downs of downsizing, liquidation, and the issuance of surplus equipment over the course of more than three decades in this sector. We also recognize the importance of all food-related tools, equipment, and supplies.

Most importantly, we recognize that in most liquidation situations, speed is of the importance.

Our expertise aided us in developing our service offerings so that we could deliver the best restaurant liquidation services to any company that needed them. Furthermore, we provide liquidation services to businesses who are involved in facility modifications or relocations, such as banks and commercial landlords.

Take a peek at the many methods we use to liquidate restaurants in Albany.

  • Surplus equipment, inventories, and other assets are being liquidated.
  • Creating, selling, and marketing products
  • Inventory management and documentation
  • Coordination of sales collection and removal

About TAGeX

TAGeX Brands aims to help businesses seamlessly deal with surplus inventory liquidation, facility closures, and equipment redeployment. Founded in 1987, our company stayed strong and continued to thrive over the years. 

Today, our company is led by President Neal Sherman and CEO Bob Tassone. What started as a kiosk in supermarkets and served singular customers hoping to sell surplus equipment is now a multi-city and multi-state company taking care of customized, large-scale liquidations and more. 

With TAGeX Brands, customers can rest assured we will provide services that would exceed your expectations. Our team is made up of incredible, dedicated, and highly professional people. We all strive to make sure we live up to our promise to make restaurant inventory liquidation a smooth and stress-free experience.

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All business queries are welcome at TAGeX Brands. We welcome inquiries and accept business from customers in most US cities, including Albany.

Whether you just want to learn more or are ready to experience our services for yourself, our team is here to accept your call or message. We’d be delighted to talk more about your issue, provide additional information about our services, and devise creative solutions to meet your requirements.

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