Restaurant Liquidation in Columbus OH

Columbus is known for having a young, hip, and innovative attitude, home to a thriving tech industry and an imaginative arts community. However, many restaurants and food services are helping Columbus become known in the food scene. Many of the restaurants are well-known national chains that have been in business for over a century. 

As restaurant operators, maintaining a competitive edge necessitates having new and upgraded tools and equipment. 

If you’re having trouble with excess inventory, TAGeX Brands is here to help. In addition to restaurants and kitchens, we liquidate new, old, and non-functional products held in storage facilities, distribution centers, warehouses, and retail locations.

TAGeX Brands is ready to help if you have too much excess surplus. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and environmentally friendly solution for your surplus inventory and liquidation project.

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After more than three decades of operating in this industry, TAGeX Brands has seen the ups and downs of downsizing, liquidation, and the issue of surplus equipment. We also understand the value of all tools, equipment, and supplies used in the food business.

Most of all, we understand how time is of the essence in most liquidation endeavors.

Our experience helped us design our service offerings to provide optimal restaurant liquidation services to any business that may need it. Moreover, we also offer our liquidation services to firms involved in facility changes or displacements, such as banks and commercial landlords.

Take a look at the different ways we handle restaurant liquidation in Columbus.

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TAGeX Brands welcomes all business inquiries. We entertain inquiries and accept business across most cities in the United States, including Columbus.

Whether you are simply interested in learning more or already decided on trying our services yourself, our team is ready to take your call or message. We are happy to discuss in-depth your situation, offer more information on our services, and create flexible solutions to fit your needs.

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