Renown Chef, Jamie Oliver, Faces Restaurant Closures


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According to Yahoo News Australia, making great food made Jamie Oliver a household name – but his proudest creation is still the Oliver family. Jools, his wife of 18 years, was a childhood sweet heart. Jamie and Jules now have five children.


Being a dad led Jamie to thinking more about what his kids were eating – at home and at school. He soon realized the food at school tuck shops was often appalling.


So began his war on fast food and sugary drinks, which he blames for an epidemic of childhood obesity.


“We try and keep it down but basically it’s never been worse,” Jamie explains. “Countries and populations can be scared of two things: one is hunger and one is obesity, and actually we have both in the globe right now.”


Jamie Oliver is man who has his finger in many pies – perhaps too many. Recently, his chain of Jamie’s Italian restaurants has hit hard times. Franchises in Australia and in the UK were shut down. Millions of dollars were lost, and hundreds of employees were laid off.


“[It’s] a huge weight,” Jamie reveals. “I carry lots of burden of stuff, which is my choice to do so. It was really tough. I mean, first of all, I have had my fair share of failure. I think my ratio is looking about 50/50, so don’t be under the illusion that I am untouchable.”


“But it’s all character-building stuff. I think there is a place for me to be doing stuff in Australia in the long term.”