Restaurant Overcapacity: A Closer Look at the Industry's Underbelly + Video

Click on the picture below for the video.  

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Below we provide full video coverage of our conversation with Neal Sherman, Founder and President of TAGeX Brands, which took place at Cowen’s 4th Annual Future of the Consumer Conference held on April 3rd.

Questions Our Video Looks to Address:

■ Talk about the level of restaurant closures in 2017 vs 2016. What do you attribute to driving any change in cadence?


■ Do you get the sense the industry will see a greater level of closures in 2018 vs 2017?


■ Do you think as consumers use delivery services at a more rapid clip, this creates less of a need for seating and we could see an acceleration in closures?


■ We’ve obviously seen a rapid number of closures across retailers, how do you think restaurants can avoid following the same fate?


■ What factors do you think make for concepts with the most enduring store growth?


■ How can you tell if an up and coming concept’s store growth is stretching internal capabilities too thin?