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TAGeX Brands in the News

Rochester First featured an article about our live auction at Mario's Italian Steakhouse.

Mario's Restaurant to auction off fixtures

October 10, 2016



As part of the development process to bring a Whole Foods grocery store to Brighton, Mario's Restaurant on Monroe Avenue is cleaning house this week.

They’re holding an auction all day long on Thursday and are getting rid of virtually everything.  From plates, to silverware, to decor items – all of it is on the auction block.


Owner Mario Daniele is now on the way to Florida – because he doesn't want to be around when 30 years of memories are sold off.

"Am I sad? Of course I am,” he said. “Unfortunately, when I closed all the other businesses, starting with Detroit with my first pizzeria, when they closed – I cried. When I closed the Carriage Stop Restaurant, I cried. When I closed Mario's on East Avenue, Mario's Pizza & Pasta, the same thing. And now I'm closing Mario's over here.  However, history goes and shows that every time I did close the first business, I opened one that was more successful and better. So, I'm very proud of that. And the reason I am leaving town is because, yes, I am emotional and I don't like to see...I'm sorry."

The live auction is Thursday beginning at 8 a.m.

To take a look at some items up for auction, check or call (585) 292-7260