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Services Overview

Our services help clients navigate facility and equipment chaos. We call it "Headache Relief", and it is composed of nearly every action involved in managing facilities & equipment in a broad base of industries.

Surplus Liquidation

We can liquidate the contents of any:

  • Retail Location

  • Storage Facility 

  • Warehouse  

  • Restaurant

Handling all logistics, pricing, sale, collection, marketing and shipment of all items and remitting proceeds to clients.


Equipment can be sold from location or moved to one of our regional facilities and sold from there.

Facility Actions

Our team can support a wide range of facility actions.


For over 30 years we have handled hundreds of: 

  • Facility Closures

  • Redeployments

  • Surplus Liquidation

  • Inventory Management 

We can also move equipment from closed locations to operating ones for a fraction of the cost of buying new equipment. 

Data Management 

We provide a disciplined approach that includes:

  • Master Inventory

  • Photo-documentation

  • Valuation

TAGeX captures all critical equipment data.

In the valuation program, TAGeX will provide data that can be used for equipment allocation.

Implementing a swift, headache free process is what we do best.


Surplus Liquidation

Rather than paying to remove or dispose of surplus equipment, inventory and assets from your facility and store it, TAGeX Brands can sell from site or remove your items to one of our regional facilites and generate a return.

Generate Return

TAGeX Brands is the only company to offer comprehensive facility and liquidation services nationally.


TAGeX Brands offers multiple sales channels which allows us to tailor each project specifically to the clients needs. We are able to maximize return and minimize costs when liquidating.


Among our many sales channels we ignite the following:

  •  Online Auction Platforms

  •  Online Storefront

  •  Marketplaces and Exchanges

  •   Direct Sale

  •   Live Auctions

  •   eBay

  •   Google

  •   Amazon

Sales Channels

Reduce Waste

Too often, items sit idle in a warehouse facility until their value diminishes completely. Firms often pay to dispose of surplus assets and inventory.

We find a green solution while providing a return for you

Facility Actions


TAGeX handles anything encompassed in facility actions. You name it our team can do it.


Having over 3 decades of experience allows us to deploy a plan tailored specifically to each clients needs.

We have handled many different projects:

  • Facility Closures

  • Redeployments

  • Surplus Liquidation

  • Inventory Management

We handle all aspects of facility actions.

Data Management

TAGeX provides a detailed and comprehensive data management program. 

The program includes the following:

  • A master inventory

  • Photo-documentation

  • A Valuation

We capture all critical equipment data at your convenience. This includes Make, Model, Serial Number, Dimensions, etc.. 

This is all done through our easy-to-use TAGeX Documentation App.

We can take away the headache associated with collecting and assessing data on your assets.