Somerville Brewing Company Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

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A local brewing company that includes both a brewery/taproom and a brewhouse has declared bankruptcy and is now looking to reorganize.

According to a tweet from @_davidelman, Somerville Brewing Company has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, with a post within the site indicating that the bankruptcy petition stems at least in part from the buildout of its restaurant and brewpub at Assembly Row, which has resulted in the company falling behind in rent payments for that space. The company is now looking to keep the brewhouse and the brewery/taproom in operation as it plans a reorganization.

Somerville Brewing company first opened its brewery and taproom on Ward Street in 2014, with its brewhouse at Assembly Row debuting in 2017; the company, which also operated a seasonal beer garden at Assembly Row, is known for its Slumbrew brand of beers.


Article Written by Boston Restaurant Talk


Photo Courtesy of Boston Restaurant Talk