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Restaurant, Food & Hospitality Industry Sustainability Case Study

Waste is top of mind for many involved in the food industry. Through its innovative and unique approach to sustainable solutions, TAGeX is propelling restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and food service providers towards this green revolution. Furniture, fixtures, and equipment are oftentimes dumped in landfills at the end of its first use or might be taken away by a salvage company to an undefined location.

Alex Gerszten

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MBA Yale University, BA

The Green Revolution

TAGeX works with Client to coordinate all actions required in the field to provide end-to-end management of a Concierge Program.

TAGeX Brands is proud to be a leader of the “Green Revolution.” We have innovated in the sustainability economy since day one, by ensuring that surplus inventory and equipment does not end up abandoned or in a landfill.

Helping firms redeploy assets to other operating locations, or by finding buyers who want value, not only saves money and solves headaches, most important, it’s saves our planet for future generations, something we must all consider.

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What It Means To Be Green

ESG, an assessment framework for organizations’ sustainability and ethical performance, is generating considerable attention. We are proud to be GREEN (really green) and are backed by substantive data.

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Sustainability at TAGeX Brands

TAGeX Brands prioritizes sustainability by innovatively managing surplus inventory to prevent it from going to waste. We facilitate asset redeployment or find buyers, not only saving money for clients but also advancing sustainable practices.

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Where Does Discarded Food Service Equipment End Up?

We specialize in extending the lifecycle of FF&E to mitigate environmental impact, fostering a circular economy model, and keeping equipment out of landfills.

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