Three SF restaurants near Oracle Park suddenly close

From the loss of the East Bay’s only Indonesian restaurant to the sudden closure of a decades-old family-owned Palo Alto bakery chain, the steady drumbeat of Bay Area culinary closures continued this week.

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This time, not one, but three casual eateries are bidding their China Basin neighborhood farewell. Pete’s Tavern, its sister restaurant Pedro’s Cantina, and Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria have shuttered, reports Hoodline.


Hungry fans headed to Oracle Park – or looking for a reliable screen to watch the game – are now left with fewer choices for their ballpark bites. Lined along King Street, door after door of each restaurant quietly closed with little explanation other than an all-too-familiar goodbye note taped to the front door.


“We have made some great friends, shared fun times, and made memories that will last a lifetime,” read the sign outside of Pete’s and Pedro’s. According to Hoodline, there was no closure notice at Amici’s. Patrons can still avail themselves to their pies at the Marina location on Lombard Street.


The reason why each restaurant closed remains unclear. If the final days of other classic S.F. fixtures are any indication, real estate conditions, lack of foot traffic and staff retention, among other issues, could be to blame.


Article Written by SFGate


Photo Courtesy of SFGate