Where Does the Equipment Go When a Restaurant Closes?

Closing down a restaurant is never the ideal ending to the dream you began when you opened its doors. While the headache of unpaid invoices and worried employees can be overwhelming, you also have to think about what you are going to do with all of your equipment. Fortunately, we at TAGeX Brands can help you out as well as protect our planet.

Although you may not have practiced perfect recycling habits while your restaurant was operating, now is your chance to do just that. According to research, 95% of restaurant waste and surplus can be recycled or composted. Some of the consequences of not taking those extra steps to preserve our planet include overcrowded landfills, air pollution from incinerators, and grease waste pollution. The most popular options when figuring out what to do with that equipment are to have the items moved to a warehouse, donate the equipment, or have it “disposed”, which means it’s being put in one of those landfills. These options are either costing you money or hurting our planet in some way. Repurposing the equipment and keeping them in use has been proven to be the best method of “going green.” You may think to sell the equipment on your own, but that requires a lot of time, effort, money, and connections. All of which TAGeX Brands has at its disposal.

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TAGeX Brands is here to help. Our brand message is two-fold: making our customers’ closing process easier while saving our planet at the same time. We make sure that your equipment remains in a kitchen and out of a landfill while also getting you money back on that equipment.

Let’s save the planet together!

Thanks for reading!

– TAGeX Brands

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