Why It Benefits You To Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

Starting a restaurant from scratch takes a lot of work and can lead to an abundant amount of expenses right out of the gate. Restaurants need everything to operate successfully- from smallwares, ranges, refrigeration to decor and so much more. New restaurant equipment can sound appealing considering that in most cases it includes a warranty policy. Besides, it helps to have peace of mind knowing there is no wear and tear on your top of the line equipment. For many restauranteurs, especially for those starting, the prices on brand new equipment can be extraordinary.           For over thirty years, restaurant owners have looked to TAGeX Brands as their outlet for purchasing used restaurant equipment. They make it stress-free for customers to purchase surplus new & used items by offering various sales channels to choose from, such as online auctions and storefronts.         

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 1. Saves MoneyUnfortunately, many restaurants close within the first few years of opening and they need an easy way to get rid of their inventory while also avoiding the landfills. After TAGeX Brands takes it off their hands, they often list it on RestaurantEquipment.Bid (all starting bids at $1.00 with no reserves.)President of TAGeX Brands, Neal Sherman states, “On the used equipment market, there are perfectly functioning units that can be purchased for less than half that cost.” Think about all the savings! It doesn’t get much cheaper than that. 2. Less Dramatic DepreciationBuying new restaurant equipment is a lot like buying a car. The second the car leaves the lot, it loses depreciation just as a piece of equipment does the second it is used during service. You can get a lot more value for much less by purchasing used because it already lost its initial value when it’s original purchaser took it off the lot. 3. Go GreenIt is too often that equipment from failed restaurants sits idle in a warehouse, or worse, sits in a landfill. By helping firms redeploy assets to other operating locations, or by finding buyers who want value, not only saves money and solves headaches, most important, it’s saving our planet for future generations. It’s a win-win situation! You save money plus you can feel good about doing your part in helping the environment.  Thanks for reading!

– TAGeX Brands