Papa John’s Takes a Different Approach to Advertising

According to Nation’s Restaurant News, after the board chairman of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, resigned in July earlier this year, the company is taking a new approach in their advertising campaign. In their new video called “Voices of Papa John’s” it features a variety of different employees from Papa John’s, conveying the message that the company has more than one voice and shows each employee plays an integrate role in the pizza delivery chain.

The 1-minute video features 24 franchisees and managers that all volunteered to be part of the advertisement. The commercial opens with Alaura, a franchisee in Detroit, saying “You’ve heard one voice of Papa John’s for a long time.” Then follows with Zafira, a local store marketing manager in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, stating “It’s time you heard from all of us.”

Schnatter stepped-down as board chairman in the wake of accusations, which he admitted, that he had used inappropriate, racial slurs during a conference call in May. That call was held in the aftermath of Schnatter’s resignation as CEO in January following controversy that resulted from him going off-script during a November earnings call and blaming decreasing sales on the National Football League’s failure to suppress silent protests by football players during the National Anthem.

Since the allegations, the new management team in place has taken actions to evict Schnatter, who is still the largest company shareholder. Management was also quoted by saying “We are excited to highlight the many voices that speak for our company,” and recognized the key ingredient of the company are the people who work for it.

Reference: Nation’s Restaurant News

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