Surplus & Used Restaurant Supply

TAGeX Brands offers the most dynamic after-marketplaces for Restaurant and Food Service operators.  

By offering multiple sales channels, we make it easy for customers to search and buy based on their specific needs.  Over the years, we have developed unique sales channels to ensure that our clients’ equipment finds the right home.

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Online Auction: World’s most dynamic marketplace for surplus restaurant and foodservice furniture, fixtures, supplies, equipment, and smallwares.

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Advanced Auction Company

Online Auction: Online auctions focused on broad business sectors.

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Online Shop: Best one off deals on used and surplus restaurant equipment, glassware, smallwares, and more. Everything is 40% off and ready to ship!

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TAGeX Surplus

Deep discounts on inventory and merchandise.

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Direct Sale

Large amounts of restaurant inventory available! Skip the bidding and buy direct for great deals.

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TAGeX Brands was one of the first and most successful B2B sellers.

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TAGeX Live

TAGeX Brands was one of the first and most successful B2B sellers.

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Global exposure in the world’s largest market.

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TAGeX Brands is constructing the largest aftermarket for restaurant and food service equipment, aiming to save businesses from overspending in today’s industry. We operate as outlaws and disruptors, all for the benefit of our customers.