Convenience Store Liquidation Services

Rid your convenience store of unused equipment that serves no purpose for your business. 

We Are the Convenience Store Liquidation Experts

TAGeX Brands is a trusted name in the industry that can help your convenience store run a better operation. Contact the experts at TAGeX if you are interested in asset reallocation that could generate more revenue for your convenience store. Our team can help answer any questions you may have. 

Convenience Store Liquidation Services We Offer

TAGeX has a multi-faceted approach to liquidation that covers the process from start to finish, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Liquidate Any Surplus Convenience Store Equipment or Assets

Have some machinery or facility resources that are wasting away in your convenience store? We can come in and help you determine surplus and unused equipment that is better off being liquidated. Whether new or used, our team can look at your business and pick out the right equipment that will sell at auction. It doesn’t matter if you operate one convenience store location or multiple, equipment liquidation can help your convenience store thrive. 

Make Sense of Your Surplus Resources

It can seem daunting to go through all your resources and pinpoint which would be best for liquidation. TAGeX has a proprietary mobile application with step-by-step instructions on gathering and organizing inventory for liquidation. With this tool, either you or the TAGeX team can track all available assets for auction. From there, we can list the items and market them effectively. 

Moving Surplus Convenience Store Resources to Market

Not only do we help with itemization, we also help with marketing your inventory to have a better chance of selling at auction. Our plan includes an online launch across all our sales channels to generate the most ROI. We employ both traditional and digital marketing best practices to boost your inventory up to a 98.5% success rate. With our strategies, your inventory can receive up to one million views a day at an online auction. This makes all the difference with moving surplus equipment faster. 

We Handle the Entire Process

Finding surplus resources is one thing. Marketing them is another. But what about all the things in between and thereafter? TAGeX deals with any and all customer questions about the surplus inventory. We also collect on all sales and return any generated proceeds back to the convenience store owner/operator. Best of all, once an item is sold, we can handle removing it from your location, freeing up space for other inventory. 

Experience You Can Trust

TAGeX Brands is a trusted name in the industry. Founded in 1987, we started in the grocery store channel and expanded into other industries. Our liquidation services are second to none in terms of generating sales off of unused and surplus resources. If you need to offload unused inventory, we are the company to trust to get the job done right. 

Optimize Your Convenience Store Liquidation

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your convenience store with our liquidation services. 

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