Grocery Store Liquidation Services

Optimize workflows, conserve vital resources, and cut out ineffective components of your grocery store with TAGeX Brands. 

Trust Us to Liquidation Your Grocery Store

When it comes to running a grocery store, there is a great deal of resource management required. TAGeX Brands can help with grocery store liquidation to help optimize your business. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your grocery store run more efficiently. 

Grocery Store Liquidation Services We Offer

We offer our liquidation services in multiple areas of your grocery store organization. Browse through our available areas to identify which of these areas sounds best for your situation. 

Surplus Grocery Equipment, Inventory, and Other Assets

Depending on the size of your grocery store, you could be dealing with a surplus of unused equipment, inventory, and other assets that are eroding your margins. These assets can end up costing you money down the line if left unchecked. We can help your grocery store business whether you manage one location or hundreds. In some cases, it may be in your best interests to part ways with newer equipment to shore up your P&L statements. We can liquidate whatever resources are necessary to help rid your business of waste so you can pool more effective resources in key areas. 

Organize / Document Inventory

TAGeX owns a proprietary mobile app that provides clear-cut instructions on document inventory liquidation. Whether you elect to manage this document inventory yourself or leave it to the experts on the TAGeX team, our platform assists with asset tracking, listing these assets for auction, and marketing surplus materials to generate a profit for your grocery store. 

Launch, Market, and Sell

Once we have all the surplus inventory and resources itemized, we put our actionable marketing plan to work to put those resources in the right channels to generate better returns. This plan involves both traditional and digital sales/marketing tools to give these items up to one million views per day. With these types of views, your liquidated grocery store items sell with a success rate of approximately 99%. 

Sale / Collection / Removal

You don’t have to worry about a thing when you enlist the TAGeX team for your grocery store liquidation! We handle all customer inquiries, collect on all sales from the liquidated items, and handle the logistics of removing these items from your grocery store. All generated proceeds will be sent back to you. With TAGeX, you can sit back and relax as you watch your grocery store cleared of surplus items and your bottom line start to level out. 

Why Should You Work With TAGeX Brands?

TAGeX is an experienced brand with decades of experience serving multiple industries. We started in the grocery store business, so it is our benchmark area. As we grew our clientele list, we expanded into different markets, offering the same liquidation results and sales generation for each. 

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Don’t let unused inventory and resources waste away at your location. Trust TAGeX to liquidate these resources so you can use the generated revenue in other areas of the business. 

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