Restaurant Liquidation Services

Get the best value for your restaurant equipment with TAGeX Brands.

Turn Surplus Equipment into Cash

Running a restaurant is challenging, especially when you have surplus equipment taking up space and draining your resources. TAGeX Brands is your ideal partner to turn these liabilities into liquid assets. We handle your restaurant equipment liquidation, so you can focus on what you do best – serving delicious food.

Why Restaurant Liquidation?

Starting Fresh

You’ve decided to redo your restaurant’s look, but you’ve got chairs, tables, and kitchen tools that don’t fit the new theme. Restaurant Liquidation helps turn those old items into cash.

Closing One Door, Opening Another

Sometimes, for many reasons, restaurants need to shut one location and maybe even open somewhere else. With liquidation, you can take care of the things you won’t carry with you without any headaches.

Upgrading to the Latest

Every once in a while, it’s time to bring in the newest cooking gear or the latest tech. Instead of letting the old restaurant equipment collect dust, turn it into cash to help pay for the new.

More Space, Less Clutter

Ever feel like there’s just too much stuff around? Tables you don’t use, or kitchen tools taking up space? Restaurant liquidation clears out the clutter. It’s like a big spring cleaning, but you get money back!

Why Choose TAGeX Brands?

Maximize Your Return

We’re experts in restaurant equipment liquidation. With our extensive network and proven sales channels, we ensure you get the best possible price for your items, turning potential losses into substantial gains.


Our track record? A whopping 98.5% successful sales rate. Almost every item finds a new home.

No Stress, We Handle the Rest

From organizing your inventory to finalizing sales and coordinating equipment removal, TAGeX manages every step, providing you with a truly hands-off experience.

Surplus Equipment, Inventory & Other Assets

Surplus and dormant Equipment, Inventory and other Assets are taking up space, costing you money and not generating a return. Whether you have one location or several, one item or hundreds, new or used, functioning or not, we can liquidate the partial or complete contents of any restaurant, retail site, storage facility, distribution center or warehouse location.

Organize / Document Inventory

Our proprietary mobile app gives step by step instructions on how to document inventory for liquidation. Clients (or the TAGeX team) gathers all equipment data, which is used for asset tracking, auction listing and marketing the surplus.

Launch, Market & Sell

Our customized and proven marketing plan accompanies the online launch on all of our sales channels to maximize returns. Traditional and digital tools are deployed, attracting as many as one million views a day! All items sell with a successful sales rate of 98.5% of items listed.

Sale / Collection / Removal

The TAGeX team handles all customer questions, collects on sales and coordinates removal of all items sold. Either Client or TAGeX can oversee all the actions related to this final stage of “headache relief”. Proceeds then are sent to client.

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