Our services help clients navigate facility & equipment chaos.

Headache Relief includes nearly every action involved in dealing with change managing facilities & equipment. 


Locations Close.

This is a business reality. We all know that some locations were already on a “watch list” before the economic chaos of 2020.

Now is the time to close and extract all assets for future use or sale.

Do it now.

We are ready with national coverage to make this happen now. One Location or a National Chain, we can handle all regions of the US and Canada

Complete Solution: We coordinate actions to methodically extract, find value and reduce costs in furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Asset Liquidation

Generate cash now by selling surplus equipment (FF&E) from closed locations or storage locations.

There is more demand than ever in our after-market – evidenced by the surge in traffic on our sites from those who are looking to buy during this extraordinary time.

Smart operators know that now is the time to liquidate and monetize.  

Our team deals with all logistics, pricing, sale, collection, shipment of items, and most important, remittance of the proceeds.

Speed is essential.  We are able to move within hours of a client presenting a location challenge. 

Equipment Redeployment

When locations are closed or remodeled, valuable equipment can be used in other locations.

No Equipment should be left behind.

Ongoing operations need replacement equipment as well as any locations that are part of expansion plans. 

Redeployment is our methodical approach to asset extraction, consolidation, and reuse in the future. 

Why take on the hassle of storage locations or warehouses to manage when you have a business to run.

We consolidate equipment to one of our facilities (including our 1,000-acre former Military base) that can have a piece redeployed within days.

Data Management

Cover your Assets.

Know what you have.

Our clients include operators, banks, and real estate companies who use our proven proprietary mobile app to document their equipment on-site for many reasons: to secure assets, to redeploy assets, to figure out what assets they have and how to manage them in the new landscape.

Facility Audits: We document inventory at locations and capture critical equipment data.

Valuation Services: We provide a disciplined approach that includes the development of a Valuation and Master Inventory.

Concierge Programs

There are so many actions that an operator has to deal with.  Personnel, Banks, Landlords, Vendors, Governments & Operations. 

When it comes to dealing with the Closure of Locations, Redeployment of Equipment, or its Liquidation, our clients have found a total “headache relief” with our Concierge Programs. 

Closure Program: Based on need, we provide location assessment, removal of equipment, inventory management, redeployment of equipment, and asset disposition.

Clean Sweep Program: If items are scattered over many locations, we relieve surplus inventory headaches by gathering the assets and yielding a return for their equipment.