Facility Closures

Closure assistance for restaurants, food service, and other facility types

TAGeX works with clients to coordinate all actions required in the field to provide end-to-end management of a Closure Program. Whether one location or an entire chain, our methodical approach to a closure ensures swift, professional and comprehensive results.  

Some of the stages are outlined below.


Closing a location is difficult and causes many headaches. Whether planned or not, one location or several, we can support all Facility and Liquidation Actions needed for a smooth transition.

Facility Actions

The TAGeX Team handles all Facility Closure and Surplus actions needed (removal, redeployment and liquidation). For over 30 years, we attack a location regardless of constraints, with a methodical process of Location Assessment, Asset Removal or Sale from Site (or at TAGeX) and handle any actions to facilitate a smooth exit.

Surplus Equipment, Inventory & Other Assets

Whether you have one location or several, one item or hundreds, new or used, functioning or not, we can meet any Liquidation Challenge. We can sell assets from site, remove them and bring to our facility for Redeployment or Liquidation. We collaborate on the best route for our Clients.

Organize / Document / Inventory

Either from site or one of our facilities, our proprietary mobile app documents the inventory for liquidation. We carefully photograph and care for the assets as if they were our own. Capturing all relevant data, measurements, functions, and equipment data so it can be used for asset tracking, auction listing and marketing the surplus.

Launch, Market, & Sell

We develop a marketing plan and launch the items on our sales channels to maximize returns. Traditional and digital tools are deployed, attracting as many as one million views a day! All items sell with a successful sales rate of 98.5% of items listed.

Sale / Collection / Removal

The TAGeX team handles all customer questions, collects on sales and coordinates removal of all items sold. We oversee all the actions related to this final stage of“headache relief”. Proceeds then are sent to client.

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