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Sherm's Take 5

In this industry-focused interview series, our Founder and CEO Neal Sherman sits down with the best and brightest in the industry to learn more about their take on the restaurant and foodservice sector, fascinating backgrounds and experiences, and more. Follow our social media for the latest segments of #ShermsTake5.

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Dave Mansfield and Erica Paolicelli

We spent a great day at Three Brothers Wineries with Dave Mansfield and Erica Paolicelli, the brilliant creative team behind the evolution of their operation.

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Chris Bates

If you don’t know Chris Bates, his experience in the industry is truly fascinating. Chris is a hospitality entrepreneur, restauranteur, winemaker, Master Sommelier, and the mastermind behind the FLX brands (to name a few!).

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Chef René Klop

Situated on the beautiful island of Curaçao, Baoase  is a luxury five-star resort that’s been nominated for Travel + Leisure’s 2024 World’s Best Awards. Its restaurant, spearheaded by Chef René, has also been voted the best restaurant in the Caribbean.

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Nick McMillan

Nick McMillan is the managing partner of the legendary Golden Steer in Las Vegas, a beloved establishment on the strip since 1958 frequented by both locals and Vegas royalty, like Dean Martin, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and Muhammad Ali.

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John Hamburger

John Hamburger is the founder of Franchise Times Corp., a media company known for nationally published trade journals in food, franchising, and finance. Additionally, the company hosts industry conferences such as the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference, Franchise Times Prime Time, and the Food On Demand Conference.

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Michael Halen

Michael Halen, a seasoned finance expert specializing in the service industry, brings over 12 years of experience to Bloomberg Intelligence as a senior analyst. With a background in both media appearances and podcast hosting, he offers insights on various topics including government policies, consumer behavior, and industry trends.

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Jonathan Maze

Jonathan Maze, Editor in Chief of Restaurant Business Magazine, discusses restaurant finance, mergers, acquisitions, and the economy. With extensive experience in industry journalism, particularly focusing on quick-service restaurants, Maze has been featured in major media outlets like the New York Times and CNBC.

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Anand Gala

Anand Gala, Founder and Managing Partner of Gala Capital Partners, oversees a diversified investment firm with holdings in chain restaurants, software & technology, real estate development, and franchising. Listen for his insights into his family’s journey in restaurant franchising and the key lessons he learned along the way.

Podcast Features

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Nashville Restaurant Radio (April 2023)

Neal joins Brandon Styll, Owner of New Light Hospitality Solutions and Host of Nashville Restaurant Radio, to chat post-pandemic and catch up on the latest in the industry.

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Restaurants are Rethinking Their Costs During the Pandemic

Restaurant Business Editor-in-Chief and host of “A Deeper Dive” podcast, Jonathan Maze, interviews Neal Sherman, founder of restaurant equipment reseller TAGeX Brands to discuss the surprising ways the equipment market changed as the pandemic hit.

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Nashville Restaurant Radio (May 2020)

Neal joins Brandon Styll, Owner of New Light Hospitality Solutions and Host of Nashville Restaurant Radio, a podcast made for and about the people of the Nashville Restaurant community.


How Restaurants are Adapting to the Global Pandemic, with Neal Sherman

Nicole Mahoney, CEO of Travel Alliance Partnership and Host of the Destination on the Left podcast, interviews Neal Sherman where they discuss his perspective on the hospitality and food industries amidst the pandemic. Neal shares his predictions for when we come out on the other side, and what strategies we can use to thrive during this crisis.