Equipment Redeployment

Equipment can be removed, staged and redeployed to new locations.

Redeployment of Surplus Equipment, Inventory, & Other Assets

Surplus and dormant equipment, inventory and assets no longer used in one location can be of great value in another location. The questions are “how to move it?”, “where to store it? and “how to get it to the next location?” Whether you have one location or several, one item or hundreds, new or used, we can meet any challenge.

Removal of Assets /
Brought to TAGeX Facility

The TAGeX Team coordinates the swift, complete and professional removal from any location. Our Field Teams have 100% United States and Canadian coverage. We can handle the field actions and bring assets to one of our facilities. These include our 1,000 acre National Operations Headquarters in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate New York, our Dallas warehouse, or our field affiliates across the nation. We can handle any restaurant, retail, storage facility or warehouse site.

Organize / Document Inventory

Once surplus arrives at one of our facilities, we use our proprietary mobile app to document the inventory. We carefully photograph and care for the assets as if they were our own. This includes capturing all measurements, functions and equipment data so it can be used for asset tracking, auction listing and marketing the surplus.

Shipment to New Location

As locations continuing to Operate need the surplus initially displaced, the TAGeX Team coordinates the packaging, loading, shipment and in some cases placement in the new location. Savings by the reuse of assets versus buying new are enormous. The green (environmental) benefit has been proven time and time again.

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