Ruby Tuesday closes without notice in Greece, employees left jobless

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Employees at the Ruby Tuesday’s in Greece were informed of their termination via email Friday morning, the same day the restaurant closed.

The restaurant’s Greece location is closed permanently, a sign now taped to the front doors. The closure happened Friday afternoon, and employees were informed of the corporate’s decision just a few hours prior to the shutdown.

The short notice is devastating for the restaurant’s workers, many of whom are single parents.

Kristina Potter worked at the restaurant for almost two decades before receiving the email this morning informing her of the company.

“There’s managers that have young families in there, [and] are just out of a job,” said Potter. “It’s just, really sad. I don’t agree with how they do it. I think it’s really terrible. They just sent an email. You stop into the restaurant and you just get, for 19 years I got 100 dollars.”

Employees, even those that have worked at the restaurant for years, say they were offered only pennies for severance pay.

Alex Heaton has worked at Ruby Tuesday’s for over seven years. “They wanna give me only 159 dollars for a faithful seven and a half years,” said Heaton.

Heaton feels hurt that years his and others’ dedication to the company was valued so little in the carrying out of this decision.

“I busted my butt for the company, being the first guard bar attendant…I was doing guard bar attending [when I wasn’t] cooking. [I received] the Ruby Way awards and other countless awards. [And] that’s all I’m worth to them,” said Heaton.

Angela Malone is also a former employee, as well as a single mother of two. She says the closure, combined with no advance notice to job hunt, will bring financial struggle for her and many of her former coworkers.

“I’m being offered 169 dollars for 19 years of service. I have two kids, I’m single mom,” she said. “There’s many other single parents that work here also that are going to be affected by this. It sucks,” said Malone.

Potter and Malone both began working at the Greece Ruby Tuesday’s 19 years ago.

For them, the loss impacts their families and their friendship.

“I’ve been with Angela since the restaurant opened,” said Porter. “I know I’m crying but it’s just kinda sad I feel like, it’s like the end of a era. Our kids grew up in this restaurant. It’s just been a long time.”

Employees were stopping in throughout the day on Friday, picking up last paychecks and severance offerings. For many, this holiday weekend will be filled with unanticipated job hunting.

The closest Ruby Tuesday’s will now be in Buffalo.

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