Advanced Auction Company/TAGeX Brands Auction of Ephemeral Tattoo Studio and Twitter Office Furnishings Now Live

Published: Sept. 18, 2023 at 6:30 a.m. ET

Bids begin at $1 for high-quality office and Studio furniture, fixtures, equipment and more.

ROCHESTER, N.Y., They’re a study in contrasts, with a similar goal of rethinking their real estate and the same national firm to help them maximize the value of what they’re leaving behind: global communications giant X (formerly known as Twitter) and high-end tattoo Studio Ephemeral. Both are closing physical locations and employing auction website Advanced Auction Company ( to dispose of their unneeded furniture and fixtures easily and sustainably.

Open to all, and each lot with a minimum bid of just $1.00 (and no reserves), the auction will provide an opportunity for small businesses, large corporations, Studios and even individuals outfitting home offices to acquire top-quality chairs, sofas, tables, desks, Studio tables and more for a fraction of their original price. It also will keep the materials out of local landfills, said Neal Sherman, Founder and CEO of TAGeX Brands, the firm engaged to support the national liquidations.

“These two very different companies — one a multibillion-dollar global social media giant and the other a boutique service provider with six locations — are reconceiving their brands and businesses,” Sherman said. “We help support facility and equipment life cycle events by providing an efficient, cost-effective and eco-friendly way to organize and manage the actions around a facility closure and then re-sell or liquidate their equipment. We’ve done this for companies of all sizes, and that’s why we’re being trusted here.”

TAGeX Brands was founded in the Washington, D.C. area in 1987 to help consumer brands set up — and then dispose of — temporary kiosks within supermarkets. Because so much of the equipment (such as ovens and mixers) was still valuable, the company began re-selling them for the customers, largely to smaller operators. TAGeX expanded rapidly to restaurants, food service operators, retailers, and convenience stores, and then to other businesses including real estate companies, lawyers, accountants, and banks as they handled aspects of store closures and liquidation. In 2020, the company relocated to the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York and began opening facilities around the country.

X’s closure of some corporate offices is resulting in a lot of excess desks, chairs, cabinets, and other fixtures. The X auction is live from our Dallas Warehouse and closes October 5th.

“X didn’t just change its name. It is reconfiguring its real estate in light of hybrid working,” Sherman said. “Ironically, a small company can benefit from that and help create attractive environments that will entice their own employees back to the office full-time. And for both companies, it keeps their unneeded equipment out of landfills.”

Ephemeral is refocusing its business from retail tattoo services to supporting its Radiation Therapy Ink and supplying existing tattoo studios and artists, and closing its studios in Houston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, New York throughout September. Auctions will be held online for furnishings from lobby seating to salon chairs and more. Auctions are live now and close on September 25th and 26th.

“Ephemeral wasn’t your stereotypical ‘tattoo parlor’. These sofas, chairs, and tables are top-quality furnishings that would be at home in any corporate lobby or backyard,” Sherman said. “And they can be had for a fraction of their value! In auctions for other companies, we’ve seen winning bidders drive thousands of miles to pick up their purchases.”

In addition to Advanced Auction Company, TAGeX operates, an online storefront that offers immediate purchases, and, which conducts online auctions for the restaurant and foodservice industry.


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About TAGeX Brands

For over 30 years since its founding, TAGeX Brands has provided facility transition and equipment services (i.e., redeployment and liquidation) to thousands of independent, multichain and corporate partners. Through its exclusive offerings, TAGeX has successfully grown to become a North American operation with multiple distribution warehouses, outlets, and a variety of consumer touchpoints through its digital sites and applications. As a national resource for restaurants, supermarkets, food service operators, real estate firms and financial institutions, TAGeX provides facility closure, equipment redeployment and liquidation services selling surplus new and used furniture, fixtures, equipment, smallwares, inventory and supplies. Its eight marketplaces have most recently hit record subscriptions for surplus sales and achieved over one million views per day across their multiple platform offerings. Headquartered in a 1,000-acre former Army base in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and with facilities around the country, TAGeX is a pioneer in sustainability and the reuse of equipment in the food service industry.

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