After A Century, Pacific Dining Car Closing, Will Sell Food Online

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Here’s your chance to own a piece of Los Angeles history: the famous Pacific Dining Car is closing its doors and selling some of its classic memorabilia.

The steakhouse had been in business for nearly a century. Wes Idol is a grandson of the founders.

‘We always wanted something pristine without pretense,” said Idol. “You could go into the diner, coming from black tie affair or coming from the beach. For some odd reason it was okay.”

But the restaurant-like so many others-has become a casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. Its Santa Monica location closed earlier this year. Now the original location in L.A. is auctioning off its memorabilia, furniture and equipment. Among the items up for sale: the big cow sign out front. The current bid is $2,025.

“Instead of thinking this is the end of something I thought this is the beginning of something. So I began to think of how to pivot,” said Idol.

Idol says they’re now switching to online sales, starting with their three most favored cuts of beef.

“In the beginning we’ll start with steaks. I would not be surprised if we found ourselves selling our creamed spinach or chocolate soufflé or potato soufflé,” said Idol.

Author: Eileen Frere ABC7