Chuck’s Donut Shop in San Carlos to close

One of the most popular doughnut shops on the Peninsula is closing, joining the many other businesses that are being priced out.

If you’re from San Carlos or live near there, you’ve heard of Chuck’s Donut Shop. On Monday night, the store owner is saying goodbye to her loyal clientele.

“I want people to stay healthy, long life, I can see them every day,” explained owner Thean Khou as she placed some warm doughnuts on a tray.

It’s hard to envision how consuming a doughnut a day can actually keep you healthy. But on Monday, there were plenty of orders for that one-of-a-kind Chuck’s doughnut.

“So I got some apple fritters, got some glazed donuts,” said Omar Panugaling, who came here from Pittsburg.

“Old fashion chocolate and old fashion maple,” said Olson Cheung from Oakland.

It wasn’t only about grabbing some old fashion goodness — people came to say goodbye to Thean Khou, a fixture here since 1985 — a single mom from Cambodia who seemed to embody the American dream.

“I’m closing, everyone came to support me, I was shocked,” said Khou.

But like so many other mom and pop shops in the Bay Area, the rent got to be too high, forcing her to drop out.

Her son, Ben Trin, posted the news on Facebook and the public quickly responded.

“I would say it’s the best place in the Bay Area. I grew up in Rochester, we had a local doughnut place there so I like local doughnut shops,” expressed Robert Ankeny of San Carlos.

“This is like the place to go, the place to be when you’re out of school, out of work, during work or lunch. This is the place people called home just like I did,” said a sad Ben Trin.

Written By: Lyanne Melendez

This article was republished from ABC News 7. You can read the original article here