Diablo Dish: Corners Tavern Closes in Walnut Creek


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Say what? Another dining bombshell dropped in downtown Walnut Creek as perennial favorite (especially on sunny days with those garage doors opened) Corners Tavern will close after its last day of service on July 10.


This comes on the heels of other big-name closures such as Stanford’s and Tender Greens, which were just announced just last week, and Lark Creek Walnut Creek and Le Cheval. Undoubtedly, the usual factors like high cost of labor, escalating rents, and increased competition took their toll, while Corners (and Stanford’s) had the additional hurdle of the ongoing construction at Broadway Plaza.


Burma Unique has already taken over in place of Le Cheval, while a new location of Oakland’s Bierhaus is planned for Lark Creek. Replacements have yet to be revealed for Stanford’s, Tender Greens, or Corners—although given the latter’s gorgeous design, we’d imagine it’s only a matter of time. Fingers crossed!


Article Written by Clay Kallam of Diablo Magazine https://www.indystar.com/story/news/2019/06/10/thr-3-e-wise-men-close-broad-ripple/1407521001/


Photo Courtesy of Diablo Magazine