Ingenuity Meets Purpose with Neal Sherman


On this episode of the Performance Mindset podcast, Amy interviews Neal Sherman, founder and CEO of TAGeX Brands. TAGeX is in its 38th year in business and assists businesses in all lifecycle stages, from closing locations to liquidating equipment. TAGeX is a company that has redefined sustainability in business and is a testament to what can be achieved when ingenuity meets purpose.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. What Neal Sherman’s company, TAGeX Brands, does and how he became an entrepreneur in Corporate America.
  2. Creating a core support system that you can fall back on when times get hard in entrepreneurship.
  3. Getting involved in organizations and helping bring people together.
  4. Talking about hard things with others who can relate to your situation and the value that it can bring to you and the people around you.
  5. The opportunities TAGeX Brands offers by reselling equipment that a smaller company could not purchase new.
  6. Being there for your kids even when it may cost you financially.
  7. The one question you can ask to find someone’s priorities.
  8. The rapid expansion of TAGeX in the ‘90s and the former Army base in the Finger Lakes region of New York Neal purchased as a result of that expansion.
  9. How the Finger Lakes property is being used today, and the difficulties he faced along the way.
  10. The three things that drive Neal Sherman.
  11. Zig Ziglar’s influence on Neal and approaching life with intentional specificity.
  12. What’s on the horizon for TAGeX and his real estate.

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