Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas Closes Permanently, Furniture and Decor To Be Auctioned Online

spaghetti warehouse after

The Spaghetti Warehouse in Dallas will close its doors Sunday night.

The restaurant’s flagship location in the West End is closing permanently after nearly 50 years of business.

“Upon hearing the news of our difficult decision — shared earlier this week — to permanently close our first Spaghetti Warehouse location in the Dallas West End District, we’ve received an overwhelming, heartfelt and unprecedented expression of appreciation from our guests and the Dallas community as a whole,” said Brad Morris, director of operations at Spaghetti Warehouse Restaurants Inc.

The Spaghetti Warehouse encouraged customers to visit its Arlington location, which will now be home to the iconic confessional from the Dallas lobby and the booth made from a bed owned by Stephen F. Austin.

“Just as we’ve done for nearly 50 years, Spaghetti Warehouse remains a place where everyone comes to experience our great tasting American Italian food while sharing in the company of one another to celebrate, whatever the occasion,” Morris said. “And, regardless of where you live in North Texas, whether in Arlington, Dallas or Fort Worth, or whether you’re here to visit, we invite you to join us at our Arlington location at 1255 W. Interstate 20.”

The company TAGeX Brands is handling the liquidation of the contents of the Dallas Spaghetti Warehouse. A variety of small furnishings and selected antiques from the restaurant will be auctioned online, including decor, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

All bidding will be open to the public. The auction will go live next week and will continue until the end of October. 

There will now be seven Spaghetti Warehouse locations left. The two Texas locations are in Arlington and San Antonio. Four Spaghetti Warehouses are located in Ohio and one is in New York.