Environmental Responsibility In The Food Sector


In the second hour of “Environmental Connections” with Jasmin Singer — a new monthly series exploring climate change — we delve into the realm of climate-friendly food sector practices. But the pressing issue at hand extends beyond the food itself, shedding light on the broader environmental impact of the food industry. This highlights the critical need for eco-conscious practices within this sector.

This exploration uncovers mavericks within the food industry who are pioneering sustainable practices. The focus is on these trailblazers who are revolutionizing the industry through initiatives such as recycling restaurant equipment, introducing sustainable packaging solutions, and prioritizing local sourcing and sales. These efforts mark a significant move towards a more environmentally responsible food sector.

This hour’s guests:

  • Neal Sherman is the founder and CEO of TAGeX Brands, a firm specializing in marketing surplus equipment and inventory, including food industry supplies like grocery and restaurant equipment.
  • Christopher Bates is a master sommelier and owner of Element Winery and FLX Table, which both focus on ingredients sourced locally in the Finger Lakes region. 
  • Daniel Johnson is a professor and the chair of the Department of Packaging and Graphic Media Science for the College of Engineering Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology. 

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Author Jasmin Singer